CCW is the independent voice for water consumers in England and Wales. Since 2005, we have helped thousands of consumers resolve complaints against their water company or retailer, while providing free advice and support. All of our work is informed by extensive research, which we use to champion the interests of consumers and influence water companies, governments and regulators.

As we look ahead to the coming years, we have a clear vision of what we aim to achieve on behalf of water consumers in England and Wales. This mission is supported by strategic ambitions and delivered through a series of key campaigns. In addition, colleagues across CCW embrace a set of corporate values that embody the way we do business. Through our focus on personal development, diversity and inclusion, we want to make sure that CCW is a fun, energetic place to work where every colleague feels that their individual contribution is making a difference.

CCW is governed by a Board that is responsible for setting CCW’s strategic aims, values and policy priorities. The Board is also responsible for promoting the efficient and effective use of its staff and other resources, whilst ensuring that it fulfils the aims and objectives of the Secretary of State and Welsh Government Ministers. 

The Board is made up of our Chair and seven Board members, these include one member designated as the Wales Chair and our Chief Executive.  

The Board has two statutory committees, one for England and one for Wales. These committees provide advice and information to the Board on consumer matters affecting the areas of the relevant water companies allocated to that committee.  We also have an Audit and Risk Management Committee, a Human Resources and Remuneration Committee and an Industry Advisory Panel.  

The primary role of CCW’s Board Members is to contribute to the good governance of the organisation by bringing wide experience and critical detachment to the work of the Board. 

You can read about CCW including our strategy and values on our website at

Rob Light Chair

Emma Clancy Chief Executive

Why the Consumer Council for Water is supporting Boardroom Apprentice

CCW is committed to playing its part in developing the next generation of board members and helping to boost diversity in the boardroom.  As an organisation representing water consumers it is important to us that those leading our organisation are representative of the people we serve.  We see our participation in the Boardroom Apprentice programme as helping to drive change in this area.

We are currently hosting a Boardroom Apprentice from the 2023 cohort and are keen to continue in 2024.

Location of Board and Committee Meetings

Our Board meetings are normally held in person, usually at our office in Birmingham but one meeting each year is held at our Cardiff office and one meeting each year will be at a venue in London. Our Committee meetings are usually held online.

Frequency and timing of board/committee meetings

Six full meetings a year (every other month) usually starting at 11:00 and running through to approximately 14:30 depending on the business to be done.  

From time to time we may call additional single item meetings to conduct a specific item of business on a timescale that doesn’t fit with the normal cycle of meetings, for example to approve the Annual Report and Accounts, these are usually virtual and last no more than an hour – it is unlikely there would be more than a couple of these a year. 

We also hold one Board Strategy Session a year.

We also have 5 Board Committees:-

Audit & Risk Management Committee – 4/year

Human Resources & Remuneration Committee – 4/year

Industry Advisory Panel – 4/year 

Committee for England – 2/year

Committee for Wales – 2/year

Date of Board Meetings (January 2024 – December 2024)

Tuesday 23 January 2024    

Tuesday 26 March 2024    

Tuesday 28 May 2024    

Tuesday 23 July 2024    

Tuesday 24 September 2024    

Tuesday 26 November 2024    

Date for the Board Strategy session still to be set.

Committee of the Boards and meeting dates (January 2024 – December 2024)

HR & Remuneration Committee

13 March 2024

We will be setting dates for this Committee for the remainder of 2024 soon.

Audit & Risk Management Committee

20 March 2024

We will be setting dates for this Committee for the remainder of 2024 soon.

Industry Advisory Panel

This is a new Committee that comes into effect in December 2023, dates for meetings will be set in autumn 2023.

Committee for England

15 March 2024

We will be setting dates for this Committee for the remainder of 2024 soon.

Committee for Wales

8 March 2024

We will be setting dates for this Committee for the remainder of 2024 soon.