UK Boardroom Apprentice Applications are now open

Before you hit the ‘apply now’ button:

Have you downloaded and read the information for applicants?

Have you listened to former Boardroom Apprentices?

Have you reviewed all the Host Boards?

Have you checked your diary against the Learning Day dates

Have you secured your employer’s support?

Have you prepared the answers to the questions on ‘Why’?

Have you read the Frequently Asked Questions?

UK Boardroom Apprentice Applications close at 3.00pm on Monday 2nd October 2023


Click the image to download the information pack


Eligibility Criteria

Criteria #1

  • Never held a board position (Board Member/Non Executive Director) on a Public or Private sector board

Criteria #2

  • Never held a board position (Board Member/Trustee) on a voluntary, community or social enterprise board.

The questions you need to prepare in advance 

1. Why do you want to be a Boardroom Apprentice?

Reflect on the selection criteria: eligibility, motivation,  values, commitment and disqualifications outlined in the information for applicants document.  (400 word limit)

2. Why these host boards?

You can select up to three Host Boards you would like to be matched with from the list provided. For each one you will need to outline why you want to be placed with that Host Board (200-word limit for each one)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get paid to be a Boardroom Apprentice

No.  Boardroom Apprentice is a learning, development and Board placement programme.

I have a disability and will need additional support?

If you are successful let us know what is needed to support you to be a Boardroom Apprentice.

Do I have to complete the form in one go?

No. The form allows you to save and resume. Make sure you save.

Should I keep a copy of my completed form?

Yes. If you are successful you will need to share your form with your Host Board. A copy of your form is emailed to you when you submit your completed application form.

If I applied before can I apply again?

Yes. As long as you meet the selection criteria.

What if I cannot make one of the learning days?

Do not apply. Attendance at all learning days is mandatory.

None of the Host Boards listed interest me?

Do not apply. You must have an interest in the work of the organisation. Maybe a Board of interest will come up next year – apply then.

When is the closing date?

The closing date for applications is Monday 02nd October at 3:00pm. Late applications will not be accepted.

How long will it take to complete the application form?

If you prepare your answers in advance (spend time thinking about your responses), and have selected your top three boards, then you should be able to complete this in a few hours. Remember, don’t leave it to the last minute.

Completing the application form known issues

If you want to use the Save and Resume feature you’ll have less problems successfully completing your form if you try to use the same computer or device you used to start your application. You should also consider that your sessions may not be tracked when using Apple computers and devices.

There’s a known issue on Apple iOS which may mean the Application Form is not available. If you experience this please access and complete the form on desktop. You may find that reloading the Application Form page on your iPhone or iPad will make it appear.

Do I get to stay with my Host Board after I complete the year as a Boardroom Apprentice.

No. This is a learning, development and Board placement programme. You will have to apply to be on a Board after you complete the programme whether it is in the Public or Third sectors.

I am not in employment, can I apply?

YES.  Boardroom Apprentice is for all ages (18+), all backgrounds and all abilities.

What if I don't plan on applying for a Board position for many years?

Do not apply. Boardroom Apprentice is about preparing people to serve. The expectation of all Boardroom Apprentices is that in the 12-months post completion they will have secured a position on a Board that matters to them. It is about giving back now.

How do I know my application form has been submitted?

You will receive a notification that your application form has been submitted as outlined below. If not, then you have not submitted.

I am only interested in doing the learning days. I don’t really want to spend the year with a board?

Do not apply. It’s all in the name. Boardroom Apprentice is about gaining experience, knowledge and support for those who aspire to be in the Boardroom.

Is there homework or assignments?

The programme is not accredited – so no assignments or exams.

  1. There is  a group project which you will work on from Month 1 – Month 8.
  2. You will have to prepare in advance for your board and committee meetings. This will involve reading board papers and meeting with your Board Buddy – in your own time. .

I work full time, can I still apply?

Yes. Remember, you need your employer’s support to do the programme in full. You must secure this before you apply. See it as continuing professional development (CPD).

I have no academic qualifications, can I apply?

Yes. You do not need qualifications to be on a Board or be a Boardroom Apprentice.

Can I select my employer as my Host Board?

NO.  This is a clear conflict of interest. There are plenty of Host Boards to select from.

Ready to go?