The Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel is an independent body whose role is to support Scottish Ministers and others to reduce fuel poverty in Scotland. The energy and cost of living crisis have resulted in escalating fuel poverty rates and the Scottish Government’s current estimates are that 37% of households in Scotland are living in fuel poverty and 29% of households are living in extreme fuel poverty (June, 2023).  

The Panel provides an independent voice on fuel poverty in Scotland – fostering co-operation across the fuel poverty landscape and monitoring Scottish Ministers’ progress towards meeting Scotland’s Fuel Poverty Targets and delivering their Fuel Poverty Strategy. Scotland has ambitious, and legally-binding targets, set by The Fuel Poverty (Targets, Definition and Strategy) (Scotland) Act 2019, which are to, effectively, eradicate fuel poverty by 2040. 

The current Panel was appointed in January 2022 since when it has provided initial advice, to the Scottish Government on mitigating the immediate effects of the worsening fuel poverty rates. It has also offered some reflections to the Scottish Government on their Fuel Poverty Strategy. The Panel has engaged widely, meeting with those in the third sector (advice agencies and housing associations), the energy sector (retail and network energy companies and trade associations), the regulator (Ofgem), the Energy Ombudsman, and those with lived experience of fuel poverty. The Panel believes that collaboration and shared goals are essential to tackle fuel poverty. 

The Panel is a small group of 5 people – two women and three men – who have a variety of experience and expertise on fuel poverty, including lived experience of fuel poverty. Their interests and experience range from crisis support for those in fuel poverty – financial and advisory, academic research, improving the energy efficiency of people’s homes, securing cheaper energy and ensuring a just transition as we progress towards a net zero society. You can find out more about the Panel and the Secretariat who support them in the “About Us” section of the Panel’s website –

Matthew Cole Chair

Philippa Brosnan Head of Secretariat

Why the Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel is supporting Boardroom Apprentice

The Panel is relatively diverse (gender and age) for a group of its size. The Panel sets a high value in its inclusive and collaborative approach – it is always keen to listen to a variety of voices and this is at the heart of its approach. Both individually and collectively, the Panel has wide experience of serving on boards and committees as well as holding a variety of operational roles. It would like to share its experiences and to de-mystify serving on boards for others – especially those who might not traditionally have seen themselves as board members. The Panel is keen to support wider diversity and representation on boards across Scotland. It would welcome the opportunity to support a broad apprentice and their participation as a shadow member of the Panel.

Location of Board and Committee Meetings

Mainly central belt – Glasgow or Edinburgh, with the occasional meeting/visit elsewhere.

Frequency and timing of board/committee meetings

6 weekly/every 2 months. Meetings are held in-person and usually last all day – typically running from 09:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Date of Board Meetings (January 2024 – December 2024)

Majority of meeting dates still to be arranged but first 2 scheduled for 06/02/24 & 19/03/24.

Committee of the Boards and meeting dates (January 2024 – December 2024)

Not applicable