We are at a pivotal point in our organisation’s history in that we are transitioning from a temporary community and workspace to a more permanent development (which won’t be ready for use until 2025). So we are busy planning our charity’s future work and operations, developing new ways to stay connected with our communities and customers and making sure we can make effective use of our resources. 

South Kilburn is a densely populated urban estate located between the prosperous neighbourhoods of Maida Vale, St John’s Wood and Queen’s Park in North West London. The South Kilburn population is talented, creative and driven and it is an area with a really clear and proud community spirit. Despite being only 20 minute travel time from central London, South Kilburn has higher than average levels of unemployment, poverty, and health concerns, as well as typically lower incomes for those people who are working. The South Kilburn Trust was founded in 2011 to help address these issues and create new opportunities. 

In 2014, the Trust took over the running of South Kilburn Studios, a business incubator and start-up space, which subsequently led to our success in winning funding from the Mayor of London, in partnership with Brent Council, to refurbish much-loved old building into a community and workspace hub, The Granville. Our wider work in the local community is done alongside the significant physical regeneration that Brent Council is carrying out in the area which is creating improved and new homes and changing the fabric of the area. 

The Trust’s vision is to support people in South Kilburn to improve their lives and make communities here stronger, happier and healthier. We do this by providing a range of quality space, opportunities, and support, principally through The Granville, our multi-purpose community and enterprise hub in the heart of South Kilburn. The Trust is a charitable social enterprise that seeks to generate income in a socially responsible way. Any surplus income is always reinvested into the community. We have decided to run the Trust like this to ensure the financial stability of the charity for long term so that we can keep offering our services and be an example best practise in running a modern sustainable charitable social enterprise in the UK. 

The Trust has embarked on an ambitious long-term plan, in two phases, to provide community space, workspace, and venue hire for local residents, organisations and businesses. For Phase 2, the Trust is seeking to expand and secure the future of the space in the long term, as part of the redevelopment of the whole Granville and Carlton site.

Peter Brown Chair

Charly Young Chief Executive

Why the South Kilburn Trust is supporting Boardroom Apprentice

We are excited to host a Boardroom Apprentice for three reasons: firstly, we aim to operate in an inclusive way and so welcoming someone who wants some experience and exposure in a ‘safe’ way seems like the right and supportive thing to do;secondly we know that Apprentices bring new and different ideas and perspectives, which we find helpful and useful and thirdly we want to help demystify how charities are run and governed!

Location of Board and Committee Meetings

Board meetings – London; Committee meetings – online

Frequency and timing of board/committee meetings

TBC – online, early evenings every month

Date of Board Meetings (January 2024 – December 2024)

TBC but normally Tuesdays every other month between 1815 and 2000, held in London NW6

Committee of the Boards and meeting dates (January 2024 – December 2024)

TBC but normally online in the early evening