Theatre Royal Wakefield’s mission is: To develop new creative opportunities and experiences both within our theatre building, throughout the wider community and on tour, encouraging high quality engagement across a broad sector of the Performing Arts.

We have a programme which is engaging and accessible to our local community and which maintains our reputation as a leading regional theatre. 

We have shows for families, for fans of music, drama, comedy and more. Our stage is usually occupied 265 days of the year and we produce some of the work, right here in Wakefield. The rest we pick from the best that the UK has to offer. Our own work includes our annual Pantomime and youth musicals, allowing local talented young people a platform to shine.

We run a very busy participation programme that encourages diverse engagement in the arts, delivering high quality activities that develop theatrical skills and technique training. We work across a number of priority groups. Our work improves wellbeing and breaks down social barriers, building self-confidence, increasing aspirations and supporting personal development.

Our training and development programme includes: Performance Academy for 5-18 year olds, developing musical theatre skills in singing, dancing, and drama;and, Chime, which is musical theatre training for learning-disabled young people aged 14 – 25. 

In 2019 we became a Theatre of Sanctuary, providing a place of welcome and support for asylum seekers and refugees and we offer a regular Conversation Café, giving opportunities to meet new people, practise English and become part of the theatre community. We also host Saturday storytelling Wakey Wakey aimed at families with pre-school children where English is not their first language, but the sessions are open to all. This integrated approach brings people and communities together and allows for a fun environment to learn and develop skills. 

We offer opportunities for older people at risk of isolation to engage in creative activities, encouraging new friendships and offering new opportunities.

All our work is under-pinned by a vibrant volunteering programme, with about 80 people volunteering their time to support Theatre Royal Wakefield on a weekly basis.

Kathryn Morgan Chair

Katie Town Chief Executive

Why the Theatre Royal Wakefield is supporting Boardroom Apprentice

We currently have 16 Trustees, who are a group of dedicated individuals with a wide range of skills and experiences in creative, community, professional or business sectors to ensure that Theatre Royal Wakefield has relevant expertise on the Board. 

During 2023 we were delighted to host a Boardroom Apprentice. We are currently half way through the year, and it is clear our Apprentice is enjoying the process and learning a lot. Our organisation and Trustees are also gaining a lot from having a new voice in the room and fresh perspectives on our work and governance. 

During the last couple of years we have widened the representation on our Board, and we are committed to continuing to widen representation. We are committed to diversity, equality and inclusion and we would welcome representation around our Board table from people traditionally under-represented amongst Boards, including but not limited to disabled people, Black, Asian or other ethnically diverse people, LGBQT+ individuals, people under 30, and people who identify as from a lower socio-economic background.

We are keen to attract an individual who believe they could contribute to our thinking, our future success and resilience. 

Our whole organisation, including our Board, is committed to training, personal and professional development. We would match our Boardroom Apprentice with an existing Trustee who can offer expertise as their Boardroom Buddy to help the Boardroom Apprentice develop their governance skills.

In addition to meetings Trustees also make a personal commitment to participate in the Theatre Royal Wakefield’s activities, by attending performances, observing participation activities and meeting with the staff. We would like to extend these opportunities to our Boardroom Apprentice.

If our Boardroom Apprentice incurs expenses in the course of their placement, they would be entitled to claim these back.

Location of Board and Committee Meetings

Wakefield, West Yorkshire held in person. Occasionally meetings are moved to virtual to enable greater attendance by Trustees.

Frequency and timing of board/committee meetings

Board and Committee meetings are held quarterly. 

Board and Finance & General Purposes Committee Meetings take place 1715 – 1900

Fundraising Committee Meetings take place during the day, either 0830-1000 or 1600-1730

Date of Board Meetings (January 2024 – December 2024)

2024 Board dates have not yet been sent.  Equivalent 2023 dates were: Monday 6 March, 1715, Wakefield;Monday 15 May, 1715, Wakefield;Monday 7 August, 1715, Wakefield;Monday 30 Oct, 1715, Wakefield;AGM 2022/23 Depending on results. September or December – date TBC.

Committee of the Boards and meeting dates (January 2024 – December 2024)

2024 Board dates have not yet been sent.

Equivalent 2023 dates were:

Finance & General Purposes Committee Meetings

Monday 27 February, 1715, Wakefield

Tuesday 9 May, 1715, Wakefield

Monday 31 July, 1715, Wakefield

Monday 16 October, 1715, Wakefield 

Fundraising Committee Meetings

Wednesday 1 March, 0830, Wakefield

Tuesday 2 May, 0830, Wakefield

Wednesday 2 August, 0830, Wakefield

Wednesday 18 October, 0830, Wakefield

The Fundraising Committee membership is currently being assessed and the time may be changed