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Host Boards play a significant role in the Boardroom Apprentice programme. They provide a safe seat at the table for an aspiring board member to learn. Over 80 Host Boards from across the public and third sector have provided this opportunity since Boardroom Apprentice began.

Dr Tony Macaulay was asked to undertake an impact study with Host Boards between January-March 2022.  The aim of the study was to capture feedback (both quantitative and qualitative) from host boards to assess benefits and impact and to identify learning. The Impact Study methodology was an online survey and a series of case study interviews. All 59 Host Boards from the 2021 Programme (from Government Departments, Arm’s Length Bodies/ Non Departmental Public Bodies & Voluntary / Community/Social Enterprise Organisations) to complete an online impact survey.

The videos give a further perspective from a variety of Host Boards of their experiences, lessons and key messages for potential host boards.

Tell us about your experience being a Host Board

What impact has the Boardroom Apprentice had on your Board?

What is the main learning from participating in the Boardroom Apprentice programme?

What advice would you give a Board that is considering hosting a Boardroom Apprentice?

How has the experience of Boardroom Buddy worked for you?

Click on the image to download the Host Boards Impact Study

The Impact Study Report shows clearly how beneficial Hosts Boards have found being a part of the Boardroom Apprentice. A range of case studies brings to life the impact for host boards and their experiences.

Click on the image to download Boardroom Apprentice 2017 to 2021 The Story So Far