The HFEA is the UK wide regulator of all fertility treatment and embryo research.We aim to ensure that everyone who steps into a fertility clinic, receives high quality care.

We do this by licensing, monitoring and inspecting fertility clinics and providing free, clear and impartial information about fertility treatment, clinics and egg, sperm and embryo donation. We can also take enforcement action if necessary to amend, suspend or revoke a clinic’s licence.

We collect data about fertility treatments. This information is invaluable for many reasons, including being the way that people conceived with a donor can learn more about their genetic origins.

Julia Chain Chair

Peter Thompson Chief Executive

Why the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is supporting Boardroom Apprentice

As a UK wide body we value the opportunity to support people who have not had the opportunity to have Board level experience before and hope the HFEA will provide a rich experience of different types of national level and committee decision making.

Location of Board and Committee Meetings

Board takes place in London, Committee meetings are online.

Frequency and timing of board/committee meetings

Board meetings are 6 times per year from 10-4pm. Various committees meet online or hybrid and the person would have an opportunity to discuss which committees would be valuable to them.

Date of Board Meetings (January 2024 – December 2024)

Jan 24, Mar 20, May 15, July TBC, Sept 25, Nov 20

Committee of the Boards and meeting dates (January 2024 – December 2024)

To be discussed with Boardroom apprentice as we have several different committees and it would depend on their area of interest, which they joined.