The UK Statistics Authority is an independent body at arm’s length from government, which reports directly to the UK Parliament, the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales and the Northern Ireland Assembly. 

The Authority provides professional oversight of the Government Statistical Service, the Office for Statistics Regulation and has exclusive responsibility for the Office for National Statistics. 

The Authority has a statutory objective of promoting and safeguarding the production and publication of official statistics that ‘serve the public good’. The public good includes: 

  • Informing the public about social and economic matters;
  • Assisting in the development and evaluation of public policy;
  • Regulating quality and publicly challenging the misuse of

The Authority’s Statistics for the Public Good is a five year strategy for the UK official statistics system which sets out our aims, priorities, mission and values.

The strategy sets out the need for high quality data to inform the UK, improve lives and build for the future. Our core principles underpin the work of the statistical system by being Radical, Ambitious, Inclusive and Sustainable in everything we do.

The National Statistics Executive Group is the senior executive committee supporting the National Statistician. It provides direction and oversight at the strategic level across the statistical system. 

Professor Sir Ian Diamond Chair

Professor Sir Ian Diamond Chief Executive

Why the UK Statistics Authority is supporting Boardroom Apprentice

We are committed to creating a diverse group of members for all of our boards and committees, as inclusive and diverse boards are more effective, better able to understand their users and stakeholders, and benefit from fresh perspectives.

As a Board apprentice on the National Statistics Executive Group it will provide the opportunity to gain practical boardroom experience and provide the transfer of knowledge skills and understanding with full support. 

Location of Board and Committee Meetings

NSEG meetings are held remotely via Teams.

Frequency and timing of board/committee meetings

NSEG meetings are held bi-monthly.

Date of Board Meetings (January 2023 – December 2023)

  • 17 January
  • 21 March
  • 16May
  • 18 July
  • 19 September
  • 21 November

Committee of the Boards and meeting dates (January 2023 – December 2023)