May 4, 2022 Admin

Everything you need to know before you apply

Boardroom Apprentice is back for another amazing year.

Applications are now live, but before you hit apply, you need to check you have everything in place to ensure your application gets serious consideration. 

Your age, ethnic group, cultural background or work experience is of no concern to the programme as our aim is to provide aspiring Board members with an opportunity to make that dream a reality. No boardroom experience is essential.

Read our handy guide below to help you understand everything you need to know before applying:

1 Review the Host Boards

It’s important to make sure you have no conflicts of interest with your chosen Host Board. There are currently 58 charity boards or public sector Host Boards that are eager to provide a safe seat at the table for a Boardroom Apprentice. 

  • Do not select your employer as a Host Board
  • Do not select a host board that funds where you work

If you feel that there might be any issues, have a look at the other Boards. You will be asked about connections with the host boards you select in the application form.

You can choose up to three host boards and ultimately Boardroom Apprentice will decide who your year long placement will be with. The year-long placement will commence from 1st September 2022 to 31st August 2023.

2 Read applicant information and FAQs

To ensure you’re prepared for the programme read the statements from former Boardroom Apprentices. Having started in 2017 there’s an abundance of information on our website under ‘How To Apply’.

This programme offers an insight into different perspectives which in turn allow for a variety of opinions. To fully comprehend the importance of diverse voices it’s of paramount importance to read the applicant information pack provided. 

3 Check your availability

Check your diary. The learning days are mandatory as are the Board and Committee meeting with your Host Board. Board meetings can take place during the day with a variation of evenings and weekends. The Host Board will require your commitment and passion. 

You will need to balance commitments between your work, personal life and being a Boardroom Apprentice. Listen to the former Boardroom Apprentices on the website, they offer valuable insight in what you need to consider before applying.

4 Secure your employer’s support

If employed, your employer must ‘sign off’ on your application. You will need to confirm this is in place when you apply. One of our core values is ‘Honesty’.

5 Prepare questions in advance

Before embarking on your application, take time to think about your answers. There are two key questions:

Why do you want to be a Boardroom Apprentice?

Why do you want to be placed with each of your chosen Host Boards?

The purpose of your application is vital. We want to hear your reasons as to why are applying to be a Boardroom Apprentice. 

As a guide, you should aim for 400 words to explain why you want to be a Boardroom Apprentice and around 200 words each to explain why you’d like to sit on your selected Host Board. You need to reflect on the programme values and our criteria. If this matters to you, take time and prepare your answers in advance before you go anywhere near the application form.

Overall, remember that the selection panel needs to decipher your application, understanding exactly why you want to be a part of this programme. 

Good luck!

Applications are open until May 24th.